Freedom? Here’s How to Get It

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“Jesus therefore was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, ‘If you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.'” John 8:31-32

I never noticed this before. And I’m fascinated…

I’ve heard John 8:32 quoted as a stand-alone verse countless times. But recently, I caught the first part of the sentence, which is nestled unmistakably in verse 31. The connection between the two verses washed over me like a gentle rain: the truth that sets us free is God’s word. Oh! I love this.

I wonder, do we sometimes seek truth outside of the Bible? Do we revere modern thoughts and philosophies more than the Very. Words. Of God? Are we consumed with ancient religious teachings in an effort to be enlightened? Jesus’ statement succinctly communicates what frees us:


This morning I drove to the health clinic to receive three immunization shots in preparation for my trip to Nicaragua. Now, as I write, my arms ache a bit—nothing horrible but definitely uncomfortable. Yet the ache in my arms in no way compares to the devastating effects of  full-blown illnesses such as typhoid or Hepatitis A. Injecting these vaccines into my system frees me from the potential of acquiring these deathly sicknesses.

In a spiritual sense, sometimes the truth hurts as well. But when we abide in God’s Word day by day and allow it to work in our hearts—even when it makes us uncomfortable—this truth frees us from whatever binds us. Its reach extends farther than a preventative immunization.

Scripture frees us from past and present bondage even as it protects us from future bondage.

Sometimes we’re ensnared by sins, lies, fears, or other issues, but we don’t realize it. Other times, we’re aware of those shackles, yet we become so weary from wrestling that freedom looks impossible. And then there are those of us who refuse to acknowledge our captivity. We try to convince ourselves all is well, continuing on despite the chains dragging us down.

God’s Word indeed sets us free!

When we examine the Bible’s pages and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us, God removes the chain links one by one, or sometimes all at once. Whether we need deliverance on a small scale or yearn for freedom in big ways, God’s Word can break our shackles.

It tells us about Jesus—the living Word and the truth—who sets us free.

“If therefore the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:36

Maybe you feel too busy to pursue freedom. Perhaps you’ve grown comfortable with life as usual. Then again, it’s possible you’ve lost hope. Whenever we find ourselves trapped, let’s look to God’s Word for freedom’s sweet relief.

  • Through His Word, God renews our minds and shapes them with Christlike thoughts.
  • In His Word, God reveals Himself—Father, Son, & Holy Spirit—as well as His heart for us.
  • By His Word, we’re transformed.
What are we waiting for? FREEDOM arrives as we abide in the Word.

In Christ’s Love,



Note: If you’ve never experienced the gift of salvation and freedom in Christ, please contact me—I’d love to share more with you. My page, Knowing God, also might answer some of your questions.


Scripture frees us from past and present bondage even as it protects us from future bondage. (Click to tweet).

God’s Word tells us about Jesus—the living Word and the truth—who sets us free. (Click to tweet).

What are we waiting for? FREEDOM arrives as we abide in God’s Word. (Click to tweet).

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