Shop for yourself, a friend, or the Hispanic ministry at your church:
Perhaps you’re a Spanish-speaking sister, and you long to grow closer to Christ. Or, maybe you have a friend who fits that description. Then again, your congregation might minister to Spanish-speaking women in your community.

I’d love for you to choose Alcanzando la Justicia as a Bible study resource. It guides women through the book of Esther, challenging them to grow in righteous behavior—to make God-honoring choices each day. Daily prayers, Scripture readings, observation sections, author reflections, and application questions are included. This workbook is designed for individual or group use and contains instructions for following a one month, ten week, or thirty-one week schedule.



If you’re a ministry leader/missionary, or you support a missionary to Hispanics, I’d like to help you put Alcanzando la Justicia into women’s hands. Please contact me so I can prayerfully consider coming alongside you in a fundraising effort to supply this Bible study to your group. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you as the Holy Spirit directs.

Feedback from readers who used Reaching for Righteousness, English language version:

  • This study asks deep, thought-provoking questions relating the book of Esther to our lives … Lots of application. ~ Cheryl Black  Hickory, NC
  • Changed my perspective immensely on how I see my Christianity, Jesus and my person … on how I need to behave in this world. ~ Bobbie Kirby  Hickory, NC
  • God is doing great things already with your study … I love it! ~ Melanie Haist  Raleigh, NC
  • This study has made me look into my own heart. I see the sin that I harbor. Esther’s righteous acts inspire me to change. ~ Dori Hunt  Hickory, NC

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