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2 thoughts on “Fear of Man Vs. Fear of God

  1. Your words gave me comfort. I’ve always had to fight this fear of man in my life in witnessing about Christ. Your words on wanting man’s approval is so true. We all need to pray for courage to overcome our fears. GOD is much stronger than satan. He can give us the right words to say at the right moment if we will only trust in him. Quenching the Holy Spirit was a powerful statement. We should strive not to give in to this weakness. He is within us to help us. Thank you Emily for your heartfelt words.

    1. Dear Patty,

      I’m so glad to hear this post comforted you. I agree, we should be in much prayer about this! And relying on the Holy Spirit, who empowers us, is key as well. Thank you for reading this post and sharing your thoughts. It’s an honor to write about our great God and His Holy Word.

      Much love to you in Christ,

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