Drawing Near: Pierce the Darkness

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“Immediately he regained his sight and began following Him, glorifying God; and when all the people saw it, they gave praise to God.” Luke 18:43, NASB

Loving Father,

You’re a miracle-working God, the One for whom nothing is impossible. Yet so many times in life, we fail to trust You. We doubt You can make a difference in certain people’s lives. We lose hope, clinging to unbelief rather than reaching toward You in faith. But today, we reclaim our understanding that ALL THINGS are possible for You.

I entreat You fervently to restore _____’s  spiritual sight. This dear one used to walk with you but sadly has slipped away. He/she formerly spoke Your praises, but now You’re disregarded … almost discarded. Since this loved one rarely or never cries out to You anymore, I cry out for his/her sake.

Lord Jesus, please open _____’s eyes to see You again in Your splendor and truth. Let him/her recognize misguided thoughts and the evil one’s deceptions. Free this precious person from the chains of spiritual blindness that lock him/her in despair.

We trust You, Abba Father, and boldly ask You to intervene in our loved ones’ lives. Stir their hearts toward Jesus once again, causing repentance and revival. Enable these precious people to see again–to follow and glorify You so others witness Your power and praise You.

Pierce the darkness, causing _____ to see YOU again.

In Jesus’ mighty name,


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