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photo credit: Antique Holy Bible, printed in 1885, with metal clasps, and leather binding, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico via photopin (license)


“Jesus said to them, ‘Is this not the reason you are mistaken, that you do not understand the Scriptures, or the power of God?'” Mark 12:24, NASB

While vacationing a couple weeks ago, I found a new, special spot to spend time with the Lord. Just about every morning began in a white rocker with my coffee and my Bible. I grew to love that place where I could sit with Him and drink in words I’d surely read before but hadn’t really caught my attention–verses like Mark 12:24.

As Jesus’ words to the Sadducees registered in my mind, I suddenly felt as though I’d discovered a treasure. Right there where I could gaze at the blue sky, stretching beyond leafy trees draped with moss, and right there where vividly green grass carpeted sandy ground, God handed me an aha moment. Granted, Jesus spoke to the Sadducees, a deeply religious group of Jewish leaders, in this verse. They didn’t even really know Jesus. But I still see an interesting parallel in how His words relate today:

When we don’t understand the Scriptures or God’s power, we hold mistaken beliefs.

Isn’t that so true? Of course it is. But why do we sometimes miss this foundational truth?


  • Experiences are often so much more fascinating than studying God’s Word.
  • Believing certain Bible teachers is so much easier than digging truth for ourselves.
  • Viewing Scripture through the lens of preconceived ideas is just more comfortable.
  • Confining God’s power in a box of our choosing allows us to operate within perimeters we deem acceptable and right.

Even though the Sadducees tried to catch Jesus in a mistake, He succeeded in exposing their mistaken belief. And I sense the Holy Spirit searching me now, urging me to hold up my beliefs in light of what the Bible actually says and what God’s power truly looks like.

Friends, I desperately long to believe truth. So much false teaching circulates these days, luring people into mistaken beliefs. The only way to discover and hold truth is by understanding the Scriptures … which means I have lots more studying to do. I also yearn for a deeper awareness of God’s power–a more intimate understanding of His ways.

Will you join me in this worthy adventure? Just as Jesus spoke clearly to the Sadducees, God speaks to us in His Word. Let’s purpose this coming week to devote a portion of each day to studying His Word–looking up the meaning of words that interest us, meditating on specific verses, relying on the Holy Spirit for understanding, and so on. Let’s also ask God to show us His power every day so we grasp this truth more capably.

Are you excited? I am! And I’d love to hear what the Lord reveals as you meet with Him. Please leave a comment on this post or e-mail me about the treasures He hands to you…

Because the more we understand the Scriptures and God’s power, the bigger our treasure grows. 

2 thoughts on “Doing Life: Treasure

  1. Thank you for writing truth. I love to study the Word. I have had misconceptions demolished by the truth of Gods Word. One of my favorite treasures? I did a study on expectations. We all have them. They could be too high or too low. I looked up the word in the bible. It was interchangeable with the word hope. The word for hope in the OT is Tiqvah. In Joshua 2, Rahab makes an agreement with the spies and the sign to rescue her is a scarlet chord in the window. She then helps the spies escape. When you read the story you find that
    Joshua 2:15 She led them down by a rope (Chebel)
    Joshua 2:18 Behold, when we come into the land, you shall tie this scarlet cord (tiqvah) in the window through which you let us down.
    The Word tiqvah (HOPE) is also used in verse 21.
    God is so good. I call it hope in a rope.
    I got chills when I did the study. I had to keep going back to look at it to make sure I did not make a mistake.
    I speak on this topic often. It brings hope to many.
    We find out later that Rahab is the great grandmother of King David.

    1. Hi Cherrilynn,

      Thank you so much for sharing your treasure! I’m fascinated by your word study on expectations ~ what an interesting discovery. God’s Word is so deep and rich ~ so many layers of truth when we dig. So glad you love, study, and share the Word Thank you for blessing me with your comment, dear sister in Christ.

      In His love,

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