Ministry Update: Exciting Development & More

“And may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the steadfastness of Christ.” 2 Thessalonians 3:5, NASB

Dear Readers,

God’s love and Christ’s steadfastness–what beautiful truths we always can count on. I pray this scripture for you now, knowing HE is the one who makes life worth living.

An exciting development has progressed since my last newsletter: I’ve been in touch with a dear sister in Mexico who has translated Reaching for Righteousness into Spanish!! She contacted me Easter weekend, and hearing from her brought incredible joy to my heart. To God be all the glory for moving this project along. The next stage will involve fundraising in order to transform the manuscript into finished book form. I’m trusting the Lord will provide all that’s needed to get this book into women’s hands. Please join me in praying for His continued leading and provision as well as wisdom in gathering the necessary finances. Whew! This is a huge undertaking but I know He’s able.

Another bright spot on my horizon involves attending the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference on May 17-21. I’m looking forward to connecting with others and improving my writing skills. I’m eagerly anticipating all God has planned–please pray He’ll lead me by His Spirit as I interact throughout this event.

Yesterday I submitted my assigned devotions to Journey, and I was so encouraged by the editor’s feedback. Honestly, I’d worried along the way–nervous I wouldn’t do a good job. Then I’d trust, knowing God would provide the words for each message. Such a see-saw experience, but God is ever faithful. Thank you so much for your prayers regarding this commitment.

“Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass” (1 Thess. 5:24).

I leave you with these precious words because God’s the One who has accomplished all these things. And whatever He’s called you to do, dear friend, He’s faithful in that also. What a wondrous God we serve.

Much love in Christ,


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4 thoughts on “Ministry Update: Exciting Development & More

  1. Emily, such exciting news! I’m excited to get to connect with you at the Blue Ridge conference. May God continue to bless as you follow His path!

    1. Dear Edie,

      Thank you so much! I still remember meeting with you at the last BRMCWC I attended, and your encouragement at that time has continued to bless me through the years. To God be the glory, and I thank you again. Looking forward to talking with you at this year’s event, Lord willing.

      In Christ’s Love,

  2. Hi Emily, I am so glad to hear the good news that your book has been translated into Spanish. God is good; all the time! Praise God for your devotional message submitted to the Journal. His faithfulness endures. I also rejoice with you in the upcoming writers conference. I know you will be blessed and be a blessing to others. I will pray for you in these accomplishments. With love. Sylvia

    1. Dear Sylvia,

      It’s always a blessing to hear from you ~ thank you so much for your encouraging words and faithful prayers. God is amazing.

      Love you much!
      In Christ,

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