Drawing Near: Cannot Be Silenced


It’s me. Sitting here gazing at Your beautiful creation, I realize it doesn’t even come close to Your beauty. You. Are. Glorious. Majestic, mighty, and sovereign, You’re unimaginably magnificent. I adore You.

Today is the Lord’s Day: a special time to enter Your presence with Your people. Together we exalt You, the one true God. We’re beyond privileged to call out Your name and lift You high. Thank You for making us Your own, saving us through Your Son and lavishing love on us. You’ve made us alive in Christ … equipped us to love and praise You for all eternity.

Freely we worship, yet around this world many of our brothers and sisters sit in damp, dark cells. They’re shut off from others as the evil one attempts to silence them. You, however, cannot be silenced. You possess a sovereign plan for every single saint–even those this world attempts to snuff out. You strengthen them where no one sees. You shelter them under Your wings. You use them to spread the gospel. Thank You for their testimony … their love and devotion so pure that others notice and sometimes are saved. Though these dear ones endure immense cruelty and pain, they’re not forgotten. You see them. Their lives speak what it means to truly, absolutely love You. Even unto death. 

God, make the flame in them burn brightly in us … in me. Dissatisfy us with mundane Christianity.

Stir our hearts with living, breathing, contagious passion for CHRIST.

In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

photo credit: Candle via photopin (license)

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