Marvel with Me

“These things Jesus spoke; and lifting up His eyes to heaven, He said, ‘Father, the hour has come; glorify Thy Son, that the Son may glorify Thee.'” John 17:1, NASB

“Only two months away,” she happily commented. Anticipation brimming, my sweet friend referred to her upcoming wedding. Excited? Yes. Joyful? Indeed. Her dreams of being a bride shortly will become reality. In the meantime, she plans and prepares with twinkling eyes. Love motivates, propelling her closer and closer to wedding day.

My mom used to say that half the fun of an upcoming event exists in looking forward to it. Counting the days, imagining details, and envisioning the overall delight surely does equal fun. Only this likely wasn’t the case for Jesus…

Throughout His life, Jesus anticipated the cross–He became a Man for this very reason. What must it have been like for Him to look ahead to that torturous day? Did He dread it … fear it? Probably. Certainly Jesus experienced human feelings, yet they didn’t dictate His decisions. 

And it came about, when the days were approaching for His ascension, that He resolutely set His face to go to Jerusalem.” Luke 9:51

Our heavenly Father’s express purpose in sending His Son was achieved on the cross. Jesus came to die … for our sins. Obediently, sacrificially, courageously Jesus left heaven’s splendor to ultimately hang on a splintered, humiliating cross. Before returning to His Father–ascending back into heaven–Jesus entered Jerusalem knowing the cross awaited. Undeniably He understood His calling and steadfastly remained committed to completing His Father’s will.

The Hour. Has. Come.

On the cross, an instrument designed for destruction but destined by God to display His glory, we gaze upon the treasure of Christ’s Person. We’re transfixed by the vastness of WHO HE IS. As Jesus hung pierced by thorns and nails, scarlet blood flowing down, His unspeakably beautiful heart was exposed for all to see. The agony of the cross revealed Christ’s flawless, immense character, His extravagant love. And in seeing Him, we’re enlightened to the Father. They are one. Inexplicably united. Identical. Simply yet astoundingly, two pieces of wood revealed God’s very essence, glorifying Him–the Father willingly sacrificing His only beloved Son, and the Son lovingly obedient unto death. Out of love for us.

 Absolutely we cannot grasp this kind of LOVE! 

In the midst of the most horrific death imaginable, Jesus Christ disclosed Himself. Truly He is the Son of God, Savior of the world.

Marvel with me.

photo credit: mareeshastar via photopin cc

2 thoughts on “Marvel with Me

  1. I’ve never pondered about Jesus thinking on what was ahead of Him.
    The Luke verse means more to me now.
    Thank you for your thoughts 🙂


    1. Hi Missy,

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking time to comment. I’m so glad God revealed something new to you in this post ~ what an awesome, marvelous God He is … truly a wonderful Savior.

      In Christ’s Love,

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