Daniel: Wise, Compassionate, Humble

Emily Wickham began her writing and speaking journey in 2005. She writes for Lifeway Christian Resources and enjoys serving the Lord as an author, speaker, and podcaster. She teaches via Indestructible Life, a podcast that helps women discover the life Jesus is and treasure the life God's Word gives. Emily also shares brief messages about the return of Christ on her YouTube channel. Please connect with Emily by subscribing below to her blog, Heart Stirrings.

Dear Listeners,

Oh, I really hope you can make time for episode 4 because the Holy Spirit brought some amazing applications to light. I love God’s Word and the way it reveals unexpected truths that reach our very core. This message on Daniel holds much benefit for our lives today.

A Worthy Example

Have you ever considered Daniel’s example as he served the LORD in a foreign country? His faith and steadfastness still speak today, yet this remarkable man of God didn’t regard himself as noteworthy. Rather, he humbly approached situations with wisdom while compassion filled his heart.

The World Vs. God

In today’s world, humility isn’t valued, compassion springs from the wrong source, and self-serving people have discarded God’s wisdom. But the Lord of hosts, the one true God reigns. His wisdom prevails, and His compassions are new every morning (see Lamentations 3:22-23). Plus, the Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated profound humility when He walked this earth.

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Please join me in exploring Daniel 2:1-30. The dishes can wait, and Christmas gifts will get wrapped. Or, you can listen while you work 🙂. Invest 30 minutes into your relationship with God and see what He will do. He’s amazing! He loves you! And in Christ, you’re indestructible.



Christmas Joy

This is my last post for 2022 because I plan to take a podcasting break later this month. Please look for my ministry update on January 3, 2023 and tune in to episode 5 of the Indestructible Life on January 10.

As you celebrate Christmas plus welcome in the new year, I pray for God’s amazing abundance in each of your lives. Let us adore our wondrous Lord every single day.

In Christ’s Love,

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