A Publisher, an Agent, Wonder Woman, & More

Emily Wickham began her writing and speaking journey in 2005. She writes for Lifeway Christian Resources and enjoys serving the Lord as an author, speaker, and podcaster. She teaches via Indestructible Life, a podcast that helps women discover the life Jesus is and treasure the life God's Word gives. Emily also shares brief messages about the return of Christ on her YouTube channel. Please connect with Emily by subscribing below to her blog, Heart Stirrings.


Dear Readers,

As the temperature soars to almost 100 degrees in North Carolina, it feels like summer has arrived. But technically, summer doesn’t begin until next week. Isn’t it crazy how circumstances can feel a certain way when reality differs?

My writing and speaking journey often has felt slow and unfruitful, yet in retrospect, I’m beginning to see how the Lord has been preparing me all along the way. By providing specific opportunities over the years, He has developed me to a point where my situation is shifting. I’m so grateful and excited!

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“And to wait for His Son from heaven, whom He raised from the dead, that is Jesus, who delivers us from the wrath to come” (1 Thessalonians 1:10, NASB).

The Apostle Paul taught the early church about Jesus’ promised return in the rapture. And they waited eagerly for Him, knowing He is our deliverer, our rescuer. They looked for Jesus’ return a couple thousand years ago, and today we’re still looking. Waiting. Yet we can know for certain Jesus is coming.

It comforts me to know Jesus will deliver us from the “wrath to come,” a direct reference to the seven-year tribulation. When God pours His wrath on an unbelieving world and deals specifically with Israel once again, danger and suffering will fill the earth. But we, the bride of Christ, won’t be here. The Lord Jesus Christ will snatch us up to meet Him in the air before that frightful time (See 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).

JESUS is our deliverer, praise His mighty name. Whether we’re looking ahead to His return in the rapture, or we seek His deliverance in a present situation, let’s maintain peace in our hearts because Jesus is the Way to safety.


Thank you for praying about the e-mail I sent to an editor last month regarding my Acts Bible study. She kindly responded and shared they just published a study on Acts, so they couldn’t acquire another one right now. (I actually discovered that information soon after e-mailing her, which prepared me for her reply.) Even though this publishing avenue didn’t work out the way I would have liked, the editor’s response cleared the way for me to consider other publishers.


Shortly after last month’s update, I decided to attend the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. I considered which faculty members to meet with and zeroed in on two, trusting God would enable me to meet with each one if He willed it so. He paved the way for both!

I still marvel as I remember heading to the appointment room that Sunday night in an effort to sign up. I didn’t know where either of the faculty members’ tables were located, and the room was mobbed with conferees. But pretty quickly, my eyes landed on the agent I sought to meet with. He still had four openings, which amazed me.

Somehow I then caught sight of the publisher I was interested in, and sure enough, she had several appointments available as well. Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever signed up for conference appointments with such ease. Truly, the Lord made a way, and I’m so thankful.

Thank you for your valuable prayers concerning whether I should attend the conference. I was thrilled to spend each day there, and it fit perfectly into God’s continued plan for my writing and speaking journey.


The publisher I met with showed enthusiasm for my Acts Bible study and requested a full proposal. Praise the Lord! I think we could be excellent partners in offering this material to women.

Please pray as I set my hand to this task of proposal writing—for focus, clarity, quality, and timely completion. (I’m currently working on seven Journey devotions, too, so time is slim.)


My final appointment involved talking with an agent I’ve met with before. He possesses many years of experience in representing Bible study authors, and I respect the knowledge God has given him in the writing industry. He also expressed interest in my Acts Bible study and said he’d like to see a proposal. That in itself is incredible and God’s doing.


As you can see, I dressed up as Wonder Woman for genre night at the conference! Since my study deals with becoming bold for Christ, I thought this costume served a purpose. And even though I thought about not going that night as I nervously dressed for the occasion, I felt I needed to at least step out in boldness if I want to write about it. A scary leap for me, but God gave me strength! And people responded well—if anything, my outfit created smiles.


The Lord has provided an opportunity for me to speak this coming Saturday at MAGNIFY, a women’s event at my church. May He use the message He’s given me, “Finding Hope,” for His purposes and glory. May the Holy Spirit speak to me and through me—I value your prayers.


I don’t know where all this news is headed, but I sense God’s movement. Of course, He’s always working, but it feels like He just notched up the speed. Please pray I’ll stay in step with Him. May the Lord’s activity in each of our lives draw us closer to Him day by day.

In Christ’s Love,

I don't know where all this news is headed, but I sense God's movement. #Writing #Speaking #Ministry Share on X

"Christ in you, the hope of glory. And we proclaim Him" (Colossians 1:27-28).

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  1. Wonderful news my friend. Know that I’ll continue praying each day for God’s leading in your life ma’am.

    1. Thank you, J.D.! I’m so grateful for your prayers! And, I’m excited about the door God opened for you to acquire a literary agent. He is so good.

      In Christ’s Love,

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