Enemies Defeated

Father, I don’t face physical enemies like Your servant King David did. I’m not swinging a sword, running for my life, or hiding in a cave.

But I do have enemies.

Troubles afflict me from time to time—fears and insecurities, distresses and weaknesses. Though unseen to the human eye, these enemies distract and deplete me. Like the Psalmist, I reach out to You:

“In my distress I called upon the LORD, And cried to my God for help; He heard my voice” (Psalm 18:6, NASB). 

You respond to my pleas, fighting for me with intensity. Nothing prevents You from protecting Your beloved, and I’m awed by Your amazing love. You rescue me from the pit and cause me to stand once again.

For Thou dost light my lamp; The LORD my God illumines my darkness (Psalm 18:28, NASB).

In Your light I see how to achieve victory. My strength is in You! Oh God, when I gaze on You, my enemies flee. They cannot dwell in Your mighty presence, for You possess all authority and power over them. The frailties of my flesh evaporate upon one gust of Your breath.

Thy gentleness makes me great, Thou dost enlarge my steps under me, And my feet have not slipped” (Psalm 18: 35-36).

Lord, You love me fiercely, shielding me as I cling to You in faith. Your love is like no other, saving me, lifting me, equipping me, and supplying victory. You defeat my enemies—fears and insecurities, distresses and weaknesses—over and over again.  Who am I that You love me so?

You are God Most High, the God who commands armies of angels. You are God my Savior, who humbled Yourself to death on a cross for my sins … who rose victoriously on the third day.

I worship and adore You, Lord God. My heart is attached to Yours. Forever.

In Jesus’ Precious Name, Amen.

God is our strength, the One who gives us victory over our spiritual enemies. #Faith #Victory Share on X


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2 thoughts on “Enemies Defeated

  1. “Who am I that You love me so?” How many times have I asked God that same question in prayer? From a very different perspective perhaps, but it sure gets to the heart of matter doesn’t it. I have asked God this very question many times in life; especially when coming to Him to confess my failing to live according to His teachings. It’s difficult to fathom a depth of love that can forgive time after time. A constant desire to guide, protect, and defend. In my many years of searching, there’s only one worldly love that comes close to God’s love for us. That of a mother. What a beautiful, heartfelt plea Ms. Emily. Loved, loved, loved this post ma’am. God’s blessings.

    1. Thank you, J.D., for adding your meaningful thoughts – it’s so kind of you to comment. I especially benefit from your statement about a love that repeatedly forgives and constantly desires to guide, protect, and defend. I needed to hear those words today! May the Lord bless you in return for the many ways you bless others.

      In Christ’s Love,

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