Accomplishments Worth Noting

Inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile an account of the things accomplished among us” Luke 1:1, NASB

Don’t you love it when certain phrases pop off the pages of God’s Word? That happened to me this morning when I read Luke 1:1. I noticed how writers of long ago labored to record what was accomplished among them—not what they had accomplished. They set their hands to an awesome task: sharing what God did. Among them. I’m in love with a new verse.

Perhaps this resonated with me today because I’m registered to attend a writer’s conference next week. I’ve written the book proposal, I have current business cards, and I plan to update my one sheet. Some of these items include my bio, one of my least favorite but necessary writing assignments. Editors and agents will want to see my accomplishments because that affects a book’s marketability and more. I understand this necessity from a business perspective, but oh, writing about God’s accomplishments holds much more appeal.

Isn’t that true for whatever gift God has given us? Whether we teach, show hospitality, organize events, help others, or so on, our purpose is to magnify Christ. Lifting Him up satisfies our souls and enriches our lives. Exalting Jesus glorifies God, who has entrusted us with the Gospel message and the truth of His Word. God knows it’s incredibly effective when we share what He has accomplished. Among us. Through Jesus.

The writers of long ago compiled an account of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. By faith in Christ, we’re saved from the penalty of our sins and given eternal life. This is our message.

Additionally, God works among us here and now. Let’s share what He’s done and is doing as we journey through life. Let’s make it our goal to lift up Jesus everyday—He’s the reason we experience God’s work among us.

I’m claiming this purpose with fresh zeal. Will you join me?

In Christ’s Love,


Lifting up Christ satisfies our souls and enriches our lives. (Click to tweet)

It’s incredibly effective when we share what God has accomplished among us through Jesus. (Click to tweet)

NOTE: Please look for my next post on Tuesday, May 30.
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