Ministry Update: God Is Able & I Need You

“Christ in you, the hope of glory. And we proclaim Him…” Colossians 1:27-28, NASB

Dear Readers,

Welcome to you, my beloved readers. I’m honored by your willingness to read the latest about PHtW Ministries. Thank you ❤️.

Where do I start? The first item of interest that jumps to mind is…

I heard back from one of the agents I met with this past May. Woohoo! That in itself is celebration worthy to me. We had positive contact back and forth, which still encourages me, and I received an assignment: grow my social media reach—in a HUGE way—and then recontact the agent. While this wasn’t necessarily the feedback I hoped for, I understand, and I’ve been working at it ever since.

My publishing journey feels like climbing a mountain. But Jesus holds my hand, leading me one step at a time. (Click to tweet)

What “mountain” are you climbing? He’s with you, too.

So, I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity to ask for your help:

Do you use Twitter? It’s been great meeting new friends in the Twitter world who love Jesus, and I’d love to connect with you as well. Please follow me: @emilywickhamPH. I have an incredibly long way to go to get my numbers where the agent requested, but as with everything, God is able. I’m reminding myself to enjoy the journey because He places joy all along the way.

Facebook is another area I need to boost. If you’re a FB user but unfamiliar with my ministry page,, I’d love for you to join me by clicking “like.” And after that, here’s how all of you can help me tremendously:

Would you please click on the upper right corner of my page and “invite your friends” to like my page? (many thanks to those who’ve already done this)

In my opinion, this modern version of ‘word-of-mouth,’ (you inviting your friends) remains the most effective way to share this ministry on FB. God has enabled me to reach you, and through you He can enable me to reach your friends. Please take a moment to do this—thank you so, so much!

I realize some of this might sound superficial and narcissistic. Ugh—that’s so not my heart. But in today’s digital community and the great big world of publishing, these numbers carry lots of weight. Since my goal in getting traditionally published remains the desire to reach more readers, I’m rolling up my sleeves, researching social media, and attempting to meet this industry value. Sometimes it seems impossible. But once again, God is able. If He leads you to partner with me in reaching this goal, thank you from the depths of my heart. Together, we can do this!

In other ministry areas:

  • Journey Magazine: I submitted four more devotions to Journey Magazine yesterday—praise the Lord! From the time I receive each assignment, it hovers over me. And just the other night, I stood at my closet considering the looming deadline. You know what? Though I was tempted to worry, the Holy Spirit suggested I trust God instead. Sounds easy, but my normal thought process in these situations is …Worry. Trust. Worry. Trust—like a see-saw shifting up and down. I’m sure you can envision the miserable picture. But God intervened! I chose to trust Him, and He filled me with His wondrous peace. He’s so loving and kind in every situation we face.
  • Mission Trip: God has provided an incredible fundraising opportunity! It will involve serving food at an auction on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, in Hickory, NC. All of the proceeds from the refreshments will support my trip to Nicaragua. If you’d like to help, please contact me so I can provide the details. And even if you can’t serve that day, but you’d still like to help, maybe you can donate some baked goods that we can sell. So please, contact me ~ I need your hands and feet on this one.
  • Mini-Conference: I’m offering women’s groups a one-day event called Adorn. We’ll study 1 Peter 3:1-6, paying particular attention to the quality of “a gentle and quiet spirit” (vs. 3). Please check out my video and promo poster HERE, and let me know if your church would like to host this event.

Let me close by emphasizing…

God is able & I need you!

Please take these next steps with me in my endeavor to share Christ with a growing group. God can take my feeble efforts and expand this ministry beyond our dreams.

Love you all ~ in Christ & for His glory,


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