Ministry Update: Steps of Faith & Our Awesome God

“Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24, Nasb

Dear Readers,

It was a Friday afternoon. Walking my usual route around the neighborhood, I prayed about my publishing project. I hesitated to sign a contract because I feared the money might not come in, and I would be stuck holding the bag. Yet I sensed the Spirit convicting me to go ahead. Take the plunge. Trust God to provide every penny. So later that day, I e-mailed the publisher and told her I wanted to go to contract. It was a step of faith.

Fast forward 24 hours, and a Facebook message from my friend pops up:

“Hi girl! Gotta question for you. How much is needed to get your Reaching for Righteousness (Spanish) into publication!?”

Me:  “I still need $2,025 to reach my goal, which includes all costs plus $25 for any miscellaneous expenses.”

My friend: “GOD HAS BEEN SO FAITHFUL TO US … we plan to write you a check for the balance of the Spanish translation.”

Nothing like this has EVER happened to me.

Look. What. God. Did!

He led a number of dear friends to get my fundraiser off to a solid start–I’m so grateful. Then, He led my dear friend and her husband to finish funding this project that seemed so far out of reach. I’m amazed and oh-so-thankful. Still blown away, I’m intrigued about the Lord’s plans for this book.

We serve such an awesome, all-powerful God, and this experience brought His unparalleled faithfulness into sharp focus.

In other news, I’m working on another assignment for Journey Magazine, which is such a blessing. I also possess a few copies of the November issue, and I’d love to pass a couple on. If you invite a friend to subscribe to my blog and she indeed does, I’ll mail a copy to the first subscriber plus the friend who invited her. (Please email me and let me know whom you invited so I can keep track.) Thanks, and best wishes in this little give-away.

The Connecting with Christ Retreat is tentatively scheduled for April 2016. I considered holding it in Hickory at a local church, but plans changed. In another step of faith, I e-mailed a friend, saying, “I’ve decided to take a step of faith and pursue holding the conference at an out-of-town retreat center. This is really what my heart has been longing for — a place women can get away and be refreshed in their relationship with Christ. I also want them to enjoy fellowship with each other, and I think this venue will encourage that even more.”

I’m praying God will stir women’s hearts even now to attend. Maybe you?

I appreciate each one of you incredibly much. Thanks to you, I picked up a few more subscribers after my request for help last month. Also, many of you pray for me and PHtW Ministries–an immensely valuable contribution. And the fact that you read my writings? Well, that’s sweeter than honey to me 🙂 . Thank you, my friends. To God be all the glory.

In Christ’s Love,


2 thoughts on “Ministry Update: Steps of Faith & Our Awesome God

  1. Hallelujah. God is so good. I love it when others share their God stories. thank you. What a blessing to have your writing in another language.

    1. Thank you, dear Cherrilynn. The Lord has amazed me this time ~ an unforgettable experience. So thankful for His faithfulness and goodness. To God be the glory, and thank you for your kind words about my writing.

      Much love in Christ,

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