Drawing Near: As If You Sat Right Beside Me

Abba! Father!

You caught me off guard. Like a wave that drenches me unexpectedly…



You washed over me in a love so warm and personal…

As if You sat right beside me, embracing me with a joyous smile stretched across Your holy face.

And I’m still in awe.

Thank You for Your love that tenderly grips me. Holds me. Assures me.

You’re with me—I can feel it. But sometimes, I feel Your presence more strongly.

I don’t remember anything like this ever happening to me before: this experience of Your love evidenced through the love of Your people.

Tears watered my eyes as I pondered this amazing demonstration of LOVE … for me. Can it be?

Yes, You quietly confirmed. Savor this moment.

So I let go

and relish this joy…

knowing in the deepest part of me that You. Are. Good.

When the body of Christ works according to Your design, it’s a marvelous display indeed.

Your love. Your care. Your provision…

Freely and generously poured out on one another.

And at those times, You’re magnified and glorified.

We love, because You first loved us.

Thank You for touching me with

Your love…

through Your people.

For spurring them toward love and good deeds for the


I’ll never be quite the same.

You’ve touched me, changed me

Yet again

With Your love.

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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