Always Ready

“And she had a sister called Mary, who moreover was listening to the Lord’s word, seated at His feet.” Luke 10:39, NASB

Sprawled across my bed at thirteen years old, I wasn’t particularly interested in the Scripture passage before my eyes. Still, I finished reading. Though I felt dissatisfied, I knew deep within that spending time in God’s Word was vitally important. It didn’t entertain or thrill me most of the time. I probably didn’t even read daily, and sometimes I prayed for a desire to read because I just couldn’t conjure it up on my own.

We live in a world inundated with activity. Entertainment. Distractions. Responsibilities. Noise.

Yet the Lord hasn’t left us unequipped–He’s provided all we need to encounter daily life filled with His peace and strength. The truth is, however, we often overlook this empowering privilege because we’re not interested or we’re too busy.

But friends, we MUST have it.

It’s not complicated, yet it does require discipline.

This ‘must have’ for every Christian is TIME WITH HIM.

God. Is. Faithful. As He continues to sanctify and grow me, He’s given me a tremendous love for His Word since my teenage years. These days, I literally feel the effects of skipping a day or two of Bible reading and prayer. My family does, too.

How about you? Do you jump out of bed and speed through the day until you’re so exhausted you drop back into bed? Sometimes I do. Do you feel distanced from the Lord and somewhat out of sync? That’s me from time to time. Are you lonely and uncertain or dissatisfied and overwhelmed? Unfortunately, all of those feelings describe me now and then.

Please try this with me: open your Bible, ask God to speak to you personally, and allow His everlasting Word to wash over you … to fill you … soothe you. Pay attention to words, phrases and verses that leap off the page, knowing He is speaking to you–right there, right now. And bend on your knees in prayer. Worship Him by describing His marvelous qualities. Confess any sins He brings to mind, and thank Him for the amazing blessings He grants you. Freely share your concerns and ask Him for help.

Oh, friend. God is our treasure. Let’s follow Mary’s example of sitting at His feet and soaking in His Word. Time with the Lord can’t be replaced with anything this world offers. Nothing satisfies like Scripture, and no one loves like Jesus.

He’s always ready to welcome us into His presence.

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