Choosing Him All Over Again: A Story of Romance and Redemption

“Nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1: 37, NASB

It’s no secret: today’s marriages are in trouble. Christian marriages are in trouble. Many spouses suffer in silence, wondering what to do and how to please God in their circumstances … because every marriage maintains unique dynamics. People separate for various reasons—many  husband and wife relationships look utterly hopeless. Divorce looms, often finalizing the end of a covenant made between two.

But hope remains! Our HOPE for every challenge, every despair—every emptiness in our hearts—is the Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t know or understand all His ways, and I recognize that some Christian marriages end in divorce no matter how hard one or both try to hold it together. Yet even in those places, our hope continues in Christ.

Maybe your friend is experiencing marital problems. Perhaps you’re enduring a less-than-loving marriage, and you’re ready to Just. Give. Up. Or possibly you enjoy a wonderful relationship with your husband, but you desire to learn still more about being a godly wife. If so, I’m thrilled to let you know about the upcoming release of Choosing Him All Over Again: A Story of Romance and Redemption by Juana Mikels. This transparent account chronicles Juana’s separation from her husband, Christ’s loving pursuit of her, and His restoration of her marriage. Whatever the state of your union—or even if you’re single—I’m convinced you’ll be encouraged and inspired by Juana’s story and God-given message.

Choosing Him All Over Again: A Story of Romance and Redemption is set to be released in January, 2015, but it’s already available for pre-order. A free downloadable companion study guide has also been compiled. If you sense your heart stirring in hope for yourself or a friend, or you simply desire additional scriptural wisdom about being a wife, please click on the photo below for ordering information.

May God Almighty awaken our hearts through His Word and the biblical insights Juana shares. May He spiritually grow us as individuals, and may He bless our marriages through this riveting record of His work in Juana’s life and marriage. To God be all the glory.


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