Prayer Partners: Your Glory, Their Good


Glorious, Majestic Father, You are my rock. Higher, stronger, unmovable, You remain forever. Humbly I confess the times I’ve placed confidence in someone or something instead of You. Why have I done that? Why would I do that? Because faithless sight prevents me from seeing Your power … my sinful flesh leads me astray. Yet You, my Rock, remain. Faithful, compassionate, gracious, You never leave or forsake me. Thank You!


Father, I realize countless times I’ve mothered my children without depending on You. Forgetting the power You possess and willingly extend to ordinary moms, I’ve often walked on shifting sand rather than standing on You, my Rock. Please forgive me.


I pray for mothers everywhere — how grateful we remain for the precious gift of our child/children! Indeed, they’re beautiful people astoundingly made in Your image … and to think You generously entrust them to us. Thank You. Please strengthen us in whatever motherhood stage we’re in. Equip us with Your wisdom and compassion. Enable us to reflect our Lord Jesus Christ so our children are drawn to Him.


Use us as Your eyes and ears, hands and feet — Your heart — in their lives … for Your glory and their good.


In the mighty name of Jesus, Your beloved Son, Amen.

Related Scriptures for meditation:

  • Ps. 61:2
  • Heb. 13:5
  • Lam. 3:22-23
  • Ps. 127:3
  • Pr. 31:27
  • Titus 2:4

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