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I knew about Eva Marie Everson long before we became acquainted this past May. Of course, that’s to be expected since she’s served on the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference faculty for as long as I’ve attended.

I’m struck by Eva’s willingness to sacrifice some of her own writing desires in order to assist other writers. She shared about this God-given call in her Blue Ridge keynote address, “Complete Surrender.” Initially, Eva wrestled with God when He changed her path, but now, she finds it so meaningful.

Please join me in welcoming Eva Marie Everson, a bestselling, multiple award-winning author, president of Word Weavers International, and director of the Florida Christian Writers Conference.

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Eva Marie, when and how did you come to know the Lord as your Savior?

Eva Marie Everson: I’ve known the Lord my whole life, having been raised in a Christian home. I fell in love with Jesus, however, somewhere around 1984 when I was in my late 20s and I quit trying to fight Him at every turn. I’ve been crazy in love since!

What is your primary role in the writing community, and how did you achieve this position?

Eva Marie Everson: Hmmm… well, I’m a Southern fiction novelist, but I also write nonfiction. I came to this place by a lot of prayer and hard work.

I’m also the president of Word Weavers International (Word-Weavers.com), which is one of the largest Christian writers critique and support groups in the world. That came about because I was at the first meeting of five people over 21 years ago and, after God showed me a vision for what the group could be, I slid into the president’s role. I’m glad God didn’t show me everything Word Weavers could be; I would have run the other way! LOL

I’m also the director of Florida Christian Writers Conference, which is over 30 years old. After FCWC’s 25thyear, the founder wanted to step down. Word Weavers acquired it and… there you have it.

I speak at a lot of writers conferences … mainly because of the three above.

How has God used you and your skills in the writing realm to strengthen His kingdom?

Eva Marie Everson: That’s a tough question. When I write, I hope He will use my work. I’ve certainly received a lot of email and even snail mail from folks telling me how my work—whether fiction or nonfiction—has affected them. Has helped them to make positive life decisions. But I have to say that when I speak at conferences or to women’s groups or even in front of congregations and when even one person comes to me afterward and says, “That was for me …” I feel like falling on my knees and crying out, “Thank you … thank you … thank you … for using me, even when—especially when—I don’t know it.”

What are your dreams and goals for the next year?

Eva Marie Everson: Professionally, I want to see Word Weavers continue on the trajectory it is on now. I’m working on both a nonfiction and a fiction work right now—I’d like to see them come to completion. My nonfiction is based on the special journey God has had me on for the past year and a half—something I want to share with others through retreats and this book.

I also want to destress a little more. God cannot use me when my head is spinning.

Personally, I’d like more time with my family (I do travel a lot!). I want to grow closer to God than I ever dreamed possible. I want to read good books. 

How can we pray for you?

Eva Marie Everson: Part of trying to destress is finding focus. My brain rushes at too-quick a speed. My hope and prayer is that I can find focus. Balance. That as God continues to reveal more about Himself to me, I will understand more about myself in Him.

Thank you, Eva Marie, for sharing with us on Writers Connect. Your kindness in doing so evidences your commitment to helping writers. I appreciate your heart for the Lord and your surrender to Him. May He continue to bless your labors in the writing industry, using your talents and gifts for His purposes.

To my readers ~ Thank you for investing your time into learning about another writing professional. Please connect with Eva Marie via the links listed under her bio, and let’s pray faithfully for her. Also, you might be interested in her latest book, The Ornament Keeper, which released on Sept. 24.

In Christ’s Love,



Eva Marie Everson is a bestselling, multiple award-winning author of both fiction and nonfiction. She is the president of Word Weavers International and the director of Florida Christian Writers Conference. A mother and grandmother, Eva Marie makes her home in Central Florida with her husband and a very spoiled dog. You can connect with Eva Marie at:
Website: EvaMarieEversonAUTHOR.com (Please do not confuse me with Eva Marie Everson (dot) com. That is a name squatter.
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2 thoughts on “WRITERS CONNECT: Eva Marie Everson

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. Just recently I started my own blog and I really feel like the good Lord has laid it on my heart to start writing about him. I’ll be honest the idea is a bit terrifying! Just thinking about all of the research that I’ll have to do is kind of daunting. Still knowing that there are others out there who feel lead to do the same is comforting. Thanks again, and I will definitely keep the both of you wonderful ladies in my prayers!

    1. Dear Gwenn,

      You are welcome ~ thank you for taking time to read my post and for sharing your thoughts. May the Lord bless your endeavors to write about Him. It’s a privilege and joy for certain. Challenges arise along the way, yet the Lord gives us strength! He is able. If there’s anything I can do to encourage you further as you begin your writing journey, please contact me.

      In Christ’s Love,

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