This past May, I was privileged to meet Cynthia Ruchti at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. After attending one of her classes, meeting with her one-on-one, and interacting at conference gatherings, I’m convinced Cynthia is a lovely lady with a heart for the Lord. It’s my pleasure to introduce her to you.

Please join me in welcoming accomplished author and literary agent, Cynthia Ruchti, to Writers Connect.

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Cynthia, when and how did you come to know the Lord as your Savior?

Cynthia Ruchti: I was blessed to be raised in a home where the love of Jesus permeated all of life. My father was a teacher (middle school band) and a pastor. My mom was a dedicated nurse with a reputation for exceptional caring. My siblings and I saw respect for God’s Word modeled every day. And we saw genuine love for Jesus. We were surrounded by it, immersed in it. I was five years old when I realized I needed to more than say, “Oh, isn’t that nice.” I needed to make a statement that said more than, “I love Jesus and He loves me.” Even at that young age, I said, “Jesus, I know I need You, and I will spend the rest of my life serving You and Your people.” I didn’t know all that statement would entail. But I meant the words and the commitment.

What is your primary role in the writing community, and how did you achieve this position?

Cynthia Ruchti: I’m a storyteller—through novels, nonfiction, devotions, speaking events. And a story propeller—through teaching and encouraging other writers at conferences and in my role as an agent with Books & Such Literary Management. I have the opportunity to help shape and polish and launch other authors’ books into the publishing world. How did I get here? Nothing has ever come to me in a traditional way. I studied to work in a chemistry lab, but soon found myself writing and producing a Christian radio broadcast. For 33 years. I wondered if I could write something longer than a 15 minute radio script and attended conferences, read books on the craft of writing, and worked for eight years before my first book was published. Eight years after that, I’m working on book #24.  Last year, I was invited to become an agent with Books & Such. I am beyond blessed.

How has God used you and your skills in the writing realm to strengthen His kingdom?

Cynthia Ruchti: I pray that’s true. I pray He’s used me to offer hope—to leave a trail of hope behind every reading experience, every conversation, every assignment. My tagline is “I can’t unravel. I’m hemmed in hope.” It’s a message threaded through every writing project. And now, that’s translating also into hope for my clients—their lives as well as their books.

What are your dreams and goals for the next year?

Cynthia Ruchti: I’ve learned when I write down dreams and goals for the upcoming year, God always far surpasses them, as if He takes great pleasure in showing that His imagination is immeasureably greater than mine. I’m looking forward to how He surprises me as I see two novels released, another edition of Mornings with Jesus devotions, a collaborative writing project that was a labor of love, and a couple of ideas that may develop into actual contracts. My goal for my clients is that each one would feel they’ve taken a giant leap forward in their writing as well as their writing career. I’m praying for open doors for these amazing authors and their projects. I wouldn’t have taken them on if their work hadn’t moved me. Now to find the best place for those stories and that wisdom to be spotlighted and dispersed to the readers waiting for them.

How can we pray for you?

Cynthia Ruchti: Please pray that moment by moment, I will walk so in tune with the Spirit of God that I will know what task, what phone call, what edit, what encouragement, what idea, what pondering takes precedence. I’m never bored, but I also don’t want to be so busy that I miss the whole point, which is following in His footsteps.

Cynthia, thank you for sharing your story with us. Thanks also for shining the love of Christ here on Writers Connect. Your kindness and warmth add a gentle touch to the writing world, removing some of the angst for writers like me. Your skill as an author and agent inspire me to move forward on the path God has placed before me. May the Lord continue to grant you favor as you serve Him in various ways.

Dear readers ~ Please note that Cynthia’s next book, Miles from Where We Started (Gilead Publishing), releases on October 16, 2018. Also, if you’re pursuing representation by a literary agent, please connect with Cynthia via the links below. And please join me in praying for her as she has requested. Thanks!

In Christ’s Love,



Cynthia Ruchti tells stories hemmed-in-hope through novels, nonfiction, devotions, and through speaking events for women and writers. Her books have garnered numerous industry award recognitions including retailer, reviewer, library, and reader honors. She and her grade school sweetheart husband live in the heart of Wisconsin.
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2 thoughts on “WRITERS CONNECT: Cynthia Ruchti

  1. Wonderful interview, dear Emily and Cynthia. I love Cynthia’s tagline and I love her desire not to be so busy she misses “following in His footsteps.” I found this interview especially encouraging because I took first year Medical Laboratory Technology back in the 80’s and have often wished I started a serious writing journey sooner. I may have floundered but God still found me. And as she said, God can do much more than we imagine when we surrender everything to Him.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Dear Wendy,

      I’m so glad this interview encouraged you! And I love how your prior medical lab tech training connects to Cynthia’s story. Blessings to you in Christ as you continue on your God-given writing journey.

      In Christ’s Love,

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