Bethany Jett strikes me as a good-hearted, kind person with a fun personality. She brightens the atmosphere with her sparkling eyes and ready smile. All of this—plus her love for Jesus as well as her success in the writing industry—increases my interest in getting to know her.

Please join me in welcoming Bethany Jett, award-winning author, speaker, co-owner of Serious Writer, Inc., and VP of Platinum Literary Services, to Writers Connect.

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Bethany, when and how did you come to know the Lord as your Savior?

Bethany Jett: My father was a preacher so I don’t remember a time not being in church or not knowing about Jesus. When I was seven I was baptized because I understood that Jesus died for me and I believed that He was God’s son and that without Him, I deserved hell. I wanted to follow Jesus for the rest of my life.

However, it wasn’t until I attended a Christ in Youth conference during high school that I realized that just because I was saved didn’t mean I was actually living for Jesus. I was a shy, goody-two-shoes bookworm who rarely got in trouble…I wasn’t demonstrating an active faith.

I rededicated my life to Jesus during one of their open alter calls and vowed to not remain silent about my faith and to actually start living for Him.

What is your primary role in the writing community, and how did you achieve this position?

Bethany Jett: I’m the co-owner of Serious Writer, Inc., a company that hosts conferences, one-day tour stops, and online workshops and instruction. Additionally, I’m Vice-President of Platinum Literary Services, Inc, where we specialize in nonfiction book proposals, editing, ghostwriting, and marketing and public relations services for writers.

All of this started as a result of attending a writers conference in 2012 as a brand new wannabe author with a three-month-old blog that I’d turned into a book proposal. I won Writer of the Year and secured contracts with an agent and publisher. Since then I’ve been writing, ghostwriting, and freelancing while getting my Masters degree in Communications with an emphasis in marketing and public relations.

It all boils down to attending writing events, networking, and as my friend Torry Martin says, allowing God to bless you with divine appointments.

How has God used you and your skills in the writing realm to strengthen His kingdom?

Bethany Jett: My prayer when I write is from Jeremiah 15:19: “Let my words be worthy” is my paraphrase of the actual verse which says “If you utter worthy, not worthless, words, you will be my spokesman.”

My first book was a dating guide for young women that touched at the heart of confidence in God and who He created us to be. I also was the writer of Through The Eyes of Hope with Lacey Buchanan, which is about her faith journey with her son Christian who was born with an extremely rare condition.

I only know the effects and reach of these books when God prompts the hearts of readers to reach out and share their experience of reading my words. I treasure every message.

God will use my writing to reach others, but I also want to encourage and help other writers so their words can strengthen His kingdom. Christian writing should be the best writing — current, relevant, strong, and non-preachy.

I haven’t hit a bestsellers list and I only have a few books in my backlist, but I knew after my first writers conference that I could help teach other writers what I was learning as I learned it. I could look behind me, stretch out my arms, and pull others to where I was… which is exactly what other writers were doing for me.

What are your dreams and goals for 2018?

Bethany Jett: Big goals! At Serious Writer, we plan to hold two-to-three Christian writers conferences this year, along with a dozen one-day Tour Stop events. We’re hosting our first online Summit, where our Academy instructors film their courses live for free before they are edited and placed in our Academy.

I’d love to have another book under contract but I’m not getting my proposals finished, much to the chagrin of my agent. I’ll definitely be dancing when the proposal that’s currently being shopped gets picked up.

And a more personal goal is to create a schedule that allows me to be on top of all the housework, all the homeschool, all the emails, get to the gym, and still get enough sleep at night. I’m in a period of trial-and-error, it seems!

How can we pray for you?

Bethany Jett: My biggest prayer need is for God to stretch my hours and help me find the balance between all the purposes God has shown me. My husband and I made the decision to put our children back into public school at the beginning of the year after two years of homeschooling during our military moves. God then made it abundantly clear that homeschool was the right decision, along with the business decisions I’ve made. I’m working full-time and finding that balance between working and homeschool during these short years I have with my babies feels overwhelming at times. That’s my vulnerability, and I appreciate the prayers.

Bethany, I absolutely loved getting to know more about you—your testimony, your writing journey, and even some about your family. I can so relate to your prayer request as I’ve been a homeschool mom plus writer for a number of years (although my writing wasn’t full-time like yours! God has blessed you with numerous opportunities.) Thank you so much for sharing with us here on Writers Connect. May the Lord abundantly bless your labors for Him.

And dear readers ~ Let’s lift Bethany up to the throne of grace for her benefit and God’s glory. Also, please be certain to visit her at the links provided below.

In Christ’s Love,


Bethany Jett is an award-winning author, speaker, military spouse, grad student, homeschool momma-of-boys, suspense novel junkie, as well as the co-owner of Serious Writer, Inc., VP of Platinum Literary Services, and occasional blogger at BethanyJett.com. She describes herself as “mid-maintenance” and loves cute shoes and all things girly. Get her free #LiveBrilliant 30-day checklist here.
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