Ministry Update: Learning to Trust & Loving the Results

CCC Photos by Cindy Clontz. © 2016. All rights reserved.


“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD And whose trust is the LORD.” Jeremiah 17:7, Nasb

Dear Readers,

God is showing me that the less time I have, the more He does with what I do have … when I trust Him.

This past month involved a press to prepare for the Connecting with Christ Conference while continuing to meet other ministry commitments. And let me not forget my dear family—I love them so. They’re troopers to love me through the late dinners, busy preoccupations, plus all other side effects associated with my ministry.


I love the way God shows up.

Do we ever think He won’t? My faith fails many times. And it might surprise you to know I bawled my eyes out several weeks before the CCC. Registrations crept in at a snail’s pace, and I struggled with preparing the teaching sessions. But God showed up. He revealed my need to submit to His will. Numbers? His will be done. Teaching material? He would provide.

My job was—and is—to trust.

This remains the most significant lesson of my writing and speaking endeavors. Through the ups and downs, God patiently teaches me to TRUST HIM. By His grace, I’m learning … and loving the results:   IMG_4050

  • We gathered to worship God and study His Word. Amongst the conferees were eight young women aged 13-18, which filled me with joy.
  • Sweet worship rose to our God who is Light, Love, and Life.
  • Laughter and fab snacks accompanied our game and fellowship time.
  • Friendships—old and new—were cultivated.
  • God was exalted as we discovered more about His character and what that means in our lives.
  • Excellent workshops offered tools for mentoring and being mentored.
  • A special message, “Joy in all Things,” reached into our hearts.
  • Funds were raised to purchase copies of Alcanzado La Justicia (Reaching for Righteousness, Spanish Language Edition), which will be given to women in other countries.
  • Prayers lifted for loved ones: their salvation and/or return to Christ.
  • Meals were enjoyed, love was expressed, and we were encouraged in God’s presence.

CCC FamilyPlus one other personal joy at the CCC: My Mark rocked the drums, Brennan played crazy good guitar, and Chloe attended as a first time conferee. Such sweetness to me. ♥

I love the way God shows up. All praise to Him!

In other news,

  • Alconzando La Justicia will go to print as soon as I review and approve the typeset file.
  • I’m registered to attend the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference on May 22-26. So excited!
  • Writing for Journey continues—I have three devotions due this Friday. My column in Sophie Woman’s Magazine has moved to page 18 :), and I plan to meet with the editor soon to discuss a conference idea. Also, the Lord is expanding the reach of this blog, giving me more opportunity to connect personally. I love that. Thank you for reading the words God gives me.
Coolest conference photo ever! Can you find the images representing each session: “God Is Light,” “God Is Love,” & “God Is Life”? Please leave a comment if you see them.

Friends, our beautiful God demonstrates His faithfulness over and over. Whatever challenges we face, may our response remain, “Lord, I trust You.” And if those words won’t come, let’s cry, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” (Mk. 9:24, NKJV).

Because He will.

Much love in Christ,



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