Moms & Mentors: What Is Her Name?

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“Older women … teaching what is good.” Titus 2:3, Nasb

Looking at our surrounding culture confirms my conviction that young women need to know God’s ways more than ever. Thinking about future wives and moms not knowing biblical truths intensifies the urgency. Picturing marriages and families without women who love God saddens and scares me.

The time is now. By teaching what is good, older women affect people today and tomorrow. I love that.

Mentoring a young woman applies to those of us with daughters, those of us with sons, those of us who are married, and those of us who are single. In fulfilling this responsibility, we find God’s blessings. He’s such a good Father. His plan for older women teaching young women originated in His all-wise, all-knowing, ever-loving heart. We’re privileged to be used by Him, and mentoring provides a tremendous opportunity to impact others’ lives.

It takes time. It requires sacrifice. It isn’t glamorous, but it promises eternal glories.

God’s pattern in Titus 2:3-5  promotes simplicity by explaining a key way women can contribute to the cause of Christ. While that’s wonderful, thinking about implementation can freeze and prevent many from attempting anything. So let’s not go there—let’s keep it simple:

God wants us to teach young women what He’s entrusted to us.

Why, that’s a freeing thought. And the best part is, it’s true. As we open our hearts and hands to willingly offer what we already have, God will use our gifts and talents to bless others.

Let’s focus on talents (we’ll consider spiritual gifts next time). Though they aren’t innately spiritual, our Christianity directly influences how we use them. Talents add color and passion to our lives, imprinting this world with a touch unique to each of us. And wonderfully, teaching young women our God-given talents and the ways we honor Christ with them can help them express their faith.

  • Can you cook? A young woman can learn from you.
  • Can you sing? A young woman can learn from you.
  • Can you clean, organize, speak, paint, run, or so on? A young woman can learn from you.

If I felt pressured to teach a young woman my skills as an executive businesswoman or as a renowned artist , we’d all be in trouble. But that’s the beauty—God wants me to teach what He’s already entrusted to me. I don’t need to stress about it. I just need to open my heart and hands and willingly offer what I have. In so doing, I will positively affect people today and tomorrow.

God knows us intimately. He’s our Creator who fashioned us with purpose. So let’s ask ourselves, Who does God want me to mentor … or be mentored by?

What is her name?

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