Ministry Update: Open Doors, Closed Doors, & Stuff in Between

Dear Readers,

Whew! This year has begun with a flurry of activity, and my schedule is filling with several responsibilities. God is opening some doors and closing others while keeping me busy with stuff in between. 1 Thessalonians 5:24 reads, “Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.” Amen. We always can rely on God’s character.

I’ve shared previously about a location need for the Connecting with Christ Conference, and I’ve spent numerous hours trying to secure one. A couple of times I even tried to contract with two different places, yet God in His sovereignty and wisdom clearly shut those doors. He’s clarified that He wants this conference to be held in Hickory, NC, and this morning He provided the location: Hickory Christian Academy. I’m thrilled to pieces! They have a beautiful worship area that perfectly suits this event’s needs. God. Never. Fails. We’ll gather this April for Bible study, worship, fellowship, and fun. More details coming very soon…

Another open door continues with Alconzado La Justicia–the Spanish language edition of Reaching for Righteousness. Currently, the proofreader is reviewing it, and she plans to complete her work in February. The publisher will then continue preparing it for publication. God generously supplied every dollar needed for this project, and I remain tremendously grateful for every person He used to accomplish this. Thank you again!

Open door #3 involves my book proposal. I received a good response from my editor today. God be praised! I plan to make necessary adjustments and email it to the agent who expressed interest last May. Please be praying for me in this, dear friends. My material has transformed throughout this process, and I’m seeking God’s further direction through this agent’s response.

As for another closed door, I’d love to teach a writer’s conference workshop, yet the Lord has held me back from pitching my idea to any directors. The timing just isn’t right. So I’ll keep mulling it over, leaving the timing in His hands. It never hurts to continue praying and observe God’s activity. Maybe I’ll forget about the entire thing, or perhaps God will drop an opportunity in my lap. We shall see.

I’m scheduled to teach again at the Harvest Bible Chapel MOMS group in February. What a privilege–I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share God’s Word with these dear women. May God be glorified.

Finally, the “stuff in between” refers to my regular schedule of writing for Sophie, Journey, and my blog, plus contributing devotions to ZMI. I’m adding a “Moms & Mentors” segment to my blog, so please spread the word. I hope God encourages and equips many women through this focus.

And oh, lest I forget! My web site looks entirely different. While this wasn’t a pressing need, I enjoy using my creative side to freshen things up–it’s actually relaxing in between deadlines :). Please take a look–I hope you find it user-friendly and easy to read. Also, I’m always greatly encouraged when you share my posts and invite friends to subscribe to my blog. Thank you for doing this in the past and present, which helps Proclaiming Him to Women Ministries expand.

I appreciate and love you–you’re a blessing to me. May God bless you in return, stirring your hearts toward Jesus through this ministry. To God be all the glory.

Much love in Christ,


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