“My flesh and my heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26, NASB

The words have been flowing … out. out. out. From one project to another, I’ve been focused on accomplishing commitments. Waking early to write and fulfilling other responsibilities throughout the day, I haven’t been able to spend my regular time with the Lord. I longed for Him … but I didn’t.

What? Such a crazy paradox. It seems when I need Him most, sometimes my flesh resists. Like, why don’t I jump up in the morning, filled with eagerness to read God’s Word, or why don’t I always have an overwhelming urge to pray? I feel as if there’s a lethargic pulse in my system that knows what’s right but doesn’t desire to do it.

And man, I crave that desire: a relentless hunger, a piercing thirst … for the LIVING GOD.

Do you yearn for it too?

God is so incredibly kind and loving to us. He knows we’re weak. He recognizes our inability to do anything without Him. Tenderly He holds us–teaching and training us so patiently. GOD IS AWESOME.

So why is my heart not entirely absorbed with Him All. The. Time? Because I’m human. I’m prone to wander. I’m a sinner.



Gently, oh so gently, He woos me with His love. Never condemning but faithfully pursuing, the Lord meets me right where I’m at. I’m drawn to Him because no other One satisfies so perfectly.

Everlasting Father, Savior of the World … the Great I AM.

HE IS: My portion, my nourishment, and my life forever.

 photo credit: Helios & Célia 04 via photopin (license)

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