Seeing … and Accepting

“For in Him we live and move and exist …” Acts 17:28, NASB

“I looked in the mirror and wondered who that woman was,” my then 50-year-old friend remarked. “I still felt 20-something in my mind,” she continued. Evidently what she saw and how she felt didn’t mesh.

That conversation casually occurred over 20 years ago, and while I’m not yet 50, I comprehend my dear friend’s words much more now than I did back then. They’ve reverberated in my mind numerous times—funny how certain comments stick with you. I’m beginning to realize the validity of her experience. Seeing myself age doesn’t exactly delight me, but I’ve learned to accept it as a natural part of life.

Today marks the day God brought me into this world, and my heart is especially full. As years progress, I’m becoming more reflective on significant occasions … more grateful for everyday blessings … more touched by those who impact my life in meaningful ways. Certainly I’ve undergone various trials, ups and downs of life, along with tremendous joys and simple—but wonderful—ordinary life. Truly God, the Source of every blessing, is so good to me. In Him, I:

  • LIVE ~ Intimate relationship with God inspires devoted service for Him. As I seek to enjoy Him and accomplish the good works He’s prepared for me, I grasp life’s meaning. I live.
  • MOVE ~ Lovingly He drew me to His Son, Jesus Christ, and wisely He leads me through life. I move.
  • EXIST ~ Purposefully forming me in my mother’s womb (Ps. 139:13), the living God determined my days before I was born. I exist. 

God, the most artistic, creative, astounding Author of life, graciously and mercifully sustains us. He keeps our hearts beating. Designing, then weaving, the fabric of our lives, He never fails. He always fulfills what He sets out to do—including the moment He stops our heartbeats and brings us directly into His presence.

“For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face …” 1 Cor. 13:12

Whether we recognize it or not, this moment rapidly approaches for each of us. In that day we’ll see our Creator clearly and all questions will fade. What then?

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine …” Songs of Songs 6:3

Jesus paid for our sins by willingly dying an agonizing, shameful death on the cross. All who place their faith in Him and His work will forever live with Him. But those who reject Christ will be cast into eternal torment. Life apart from God results in one final destination: Hell. I cringe in communicating that, for it sounds harsh. Unkind. Impolite. Yet it’s true.

Just as my friend struggled to accept the reality of her image in the mirror, you might be wrestling with this undeniable truth. But there’s hope! JESUS. I pray you’ll see and accept Christ as your Savior today. In HIM we live.

Much love in Christ,


photo credit: Anke Werter * FOGRO * via photopin cc

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