Fear Limits Us from Experiencing God

Fear Limits Us from Experiencing God

Last night involved some of the worst sleeplessness I’ve undergone in a while—perhaps it had something to do with the iced tea I drank at dinner. I considered its caffeine content at the time but didn’t think it would affect me. Since I failed to fall asleep until after 2am, I’ve changed my mind.

As if sleeplessness wasn’t enough, fear began to grip me in the early morning hours. Three specific fears materialized in my mind, covering a broad spectrum. When I clearly recognized what was happening, I began to implement a biblical method to combat fear, something God recently revealed to me.

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Fear limits us from experiencing God in numerous ways, but three vital areas come to mind:

Area #1: Fear limits us from experiencing God’s power.

Fear can creep or crash into our consciousness. Either way, it prevents us from fully encountering God’s power because we’re so distracted. We focus on what we cannot do rather than moving forward in God’s strength. He is mighty! He is unstoppable! Yet fear hinders our vision, and we flail in weakness.

Area #2: Fear limits us from experiencing God’s presence.

Fear can cause us to feel alone and vulnerable, thinking we must handle our frightening situation on our own. We grope along in this darkness, moving in circles or sometimes making matters worse. It doesn’t even occur to us that God is right there ready to help. We can’t sense God’s presence because we’re so filled up with ourselves and our problem.

Area #3: Fear limits us from experiencing God’s peace.

Fear easily turns into worry when left unchecked. It starts to control our thoughts, inserting itself into a cycle of concerns rotating in our mind. We become unsettled as fear overwhelms us, robbing us of peace.  Locked in its grip, we lack the peace God freely offers and hobble along like lost children. We long to rest yet feel frantic for security.

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When we confront our fear with God’s Word and biblical truth, it runs the other direction. Of course this is easier said than done (as the saying goes), but we gain hope from this truth. God is strong! He is with us! And He imparts peace. With this in mind, let’s:

  • Remain aware of what’s happening
  • Know biblical truth
  • Practice God’s Word in dire moments

“O send out Thy light and Thy truth, let them lead me; Let them bring me to Thy holy hill, And to Thy dwelling places” (Psalm 43:3, NASB).

Last week as I faced heart-pounding fear, God interrupted me with the light of truth. Knowledge of His presence washed over me like a healing stream, and His power moved within me. Peace emerged slowly, increasing as the Holy Spirit impacted my thoughts. Praise His matchless name! I’ll never be the same.

Do you, like me, cringe in fear from time to time? We don’t have to live this way for the rest of our lives. God holds the remedy, and He’s delighted when we pursue Him plus seek to walk in His ways. The method God revealed to me will help you, too,  if:

  • You feel powerless against certain fears
  • You’re weary of succumbing to the same fear
  • You believe in God’s power over fear
  • You’re willing to implement five biblical steps when you face fear

I truly believe my resource, “5 Steps to Freedom from Fear,” will benefit you because it really helps me. You can find it in my FREE RESOURCES collection, and you can get the password to this page by filling out the form below. May God bless your diligence in fighting fear His way.

Jesus is our Light in the darkness, our Anchor in the storm, our Quiet in the noise.

In Christ’s Love,

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2 thoughts on “Fear Limits Us from Experiencing God

  1. Another blessing Ms. Emily. Thank you ma’am. Fear can most certainly derail our journey in faith and bring God’s work in our lives to a standstill. If we stand still and allow it to control us. Well said author!

    1. J.D. ~ I’m sorry for this delayed response. Thank you for your insights and encouraging words. How wonderful that our God tells us not to fear. After all, He is in control and cares for us so perfectly. All praise to our awesome God!

      In Christ,

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