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I’ve been familiar with the name, Ramona Richards, for years. Recognizing someone’s name, however, differs from meeting in person, which became a reality this past May. I enjoyed conversing with Ramona face-to-face at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.

God planned our meeting long ago, and I’m so glad He did. When I met with another faculty member, he suggested I speak to Ramona about my manuscript, Pearls for My Daughter. I took his advice and tried more than once to schedule an appointment with her, but none were available. Yet Ramona received an appointment cancellation on the last full day of the conference. She saw me sitting nearby and reached out, explaining she now held a 15-minute opening … which she offered to me.

Ramona’s kind gesture stays with me today.

Please join me in getting better acquainted with speaker, writer, editor, and associate publisher for New Hope Publishers, Ramona Richards.

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Ramona, when and how did you come to know the Lord as your Savior?

Ramona Richards: I was nine, and it happened following a Billy Graham crusade. But I had been raised in the church by devout parents. So I had a sound background in the faith before that. I’m a bit of a “patchwork Protestant.” My mother was Southern Baptist, and my dad had been raised Nazarene. We were primarily raised Methodist and Cumberland Presbyterian, but I’ve attended churches of several other denominations.

What is your primary role in the writing community, and how did you achieve this position?

Ramona Richards: Perseverance. I’m currently the associate publisher at New Hope Publishers and the author of 10 books. I began selling articles when I was 18 and short stories in my 20s. I had a lot of ups and downs, setbacks as well as advances, but I kept trying, kept writing, kept learning more about my craft and the publishing industry.

How has God used you and your skills in the writing realm to strengthen His kingdom?

Ramona Richards: I’ve discovered that when you remain open to God, He opens some of the most unexpected doors ever. I’ve written devotions for church bulletins, anthologies, and Bibles. I’ve had three books of devotions published, and I’ve received some truly blessed responses to my fiction. Last year, my home church asked me to write the Lenten readings. God has also used my editorial skills to strengthen the abilities of other writers and help them get published. I’m grateful every day for the gift God put on my heart.

What are your dreams and goals for the next year?

Ramona Richards: I want to finish another book, as well as continue my editorial and publishing work.

How can we pray for you?

Ramona Richards: That I can better balance all my opportunities, learn to say “no,” more often, and remain open to what God has in store.

Ramona, thank you for sharing with us on Writers Connect. I appreciate the many ways God has used you in the writing community. Your wisdom along with your example of perseverance speak to all, and your quiet confidence in remaining open to God reminds me of Isaiah 32:17, “The work of righteousness will be peace, And the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever.” Thank you also for meeting with me at Blue Ridge—your insights remain helpful. I’m truly grateful the Lord crossed our paths. May God bless the words you write as well as the material you edit and publish, using all for His glory.

Dear readers ~ Please take this opportunity to connect with Ramona at the links below. And check out her recent book, My Mother’s Quilt (I love that title!), by Worthy Publishing. Let’s also remember to bless Ramona with our prayers.

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Ramona Richards is a speaker, writer, and editor whose latest book, My Mother’s Quilts, is from Worthy Publishing. Ramona is the associate publisher for New Hope Publishers, and she has been an editor for Abingdon Press, Thomas Nelson, Rutledge Hill Press, and Idealsmagazine. Over the course of her career, she has freelanced for more than a dozen other publishers and has edited more than 500 publications, including fiction, trade nonfiction, magazines, scripts, poetry, Bibles and biblical reference works, study guides, curriculum, and how-to manuals. The author of seven novels, three books of devotions, and numerous magazine articles, she is a frequent speaker for women’s and writers’ groups, and has presented at numerous conferences across the country. Ramona can be found online at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
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  1. I, too, met Ramona at BRMCWC. Love her and can’t wait to see what God does through her.

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