Ministry Update: Good News & a Good-but-Hard Lesson

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37, Nasb

Dear Readers,

The good news is…

Plans for the Connecting with Christ Conference are in full swing. Registration is open, and I’m looking forward to the group God is gathering together. I’ve begun preparing my teaching sessions, fascinated by how God directs. His Word will fill us up as it challenges and inspires us. Deep thanks to all who are e-mailing/passing out promo materials and sharing event details on social media.

To be candid, I sometimes feel inept concerning this opportunity and responsibility. Who am I to teach about our awesome God? No one. Yet HE is everything. I value your prayers as I rely on Him to protect and guide me throughout the preparation process. Honestly, I’ve been discouraged lately, and it’s dawned on me that this is partially linked to my CCC prep. I often go through some sort of difficulty in the midst of planning teaching material—I’ve come to expect it. But this experience sort of sneaked up on me, and it’s incredible how discouragement can hinder. By God’s grace, which is sufficient, I will press on.

More good news…

My book proposal is being considered by three agents. They’ve been kind to communicate with me, and I’m encouraged by their interest in my material. Please keep praying.

God continues to teach me…

I recently discovered—much to my dismay—that the proposals I emailed contained grammar and spell check squiggle lines. You know, the red and green ones? While I edited my proposal countless times and paid an editor multiple times, MS Word still highlighted areas of concern. I thought I had corrected the issue, and then I forgot to check the new documents I created. This might seem trivial, but in the writing world it’s unprofessional at best. In a worst case scenario, this error could cost me an agent’s interest. I’m embarrassed to share such a dumb error, and I realize it’s insignificant compared to most troubles. Even so, I’m comforted by God’s sovereignty. If He wills, He can grant me favor despite my weaknesses and mistakes.

God can accomplish the impossible. photo 5

Dear friend, can you relate? What mistake have you made, causing waves of regret to beat against you mercilessly?

May the awareness of our human frailties compel us to focus on Jesus and praise Him who is utterly perfect, without blemish. May it humble us in our efforts to serve God.

And may God mercifully calm the waves, restoring our peace.

In Christ’s Love,


2 thoughts on “Ministry Update: Good News & a Good-but-Hard Lesson

  1. I’m excited for your conference and how God is leading. You sound like me as I prepare messages this week – feeling inadequate at best. But, He is our adequacy: Alleluia!!

    1. Thank you, sweet Jeanne. I’m honored that you read my posts, and I love that we keep up with each other. So encouraging! I will be praying for your message prep as well. God has gifted you greatly in this area – wish I could hear you teach in person. Love you!

      In Christ,

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