Drawing Near: Able to Forgive

Dear Readers,

Holidays can bring out the best in us … and the worst. As we find ourselves enmeshed in all that Christmas involves, undoubtedly we’ll face relationship issues as well. Today’s prayer addresses this unfortunate reality and our need to forgive.

It’s true: another person’s brokenness can unravel the fabric of our hearts. Tear us. Damage us. But Jesus is Light and Love. May we invite His Light to search us and His Love to flow through us. May we forgive freely because in Christ, we’re forgiven.

With much love,



“And we know that the Son of God has come, and has given us understanding, in order that we might know Him who is true…” 1 John 5:20, Nasb

Abba, Father,

We remember: He came. He lived. He died.

For us.

This One who is Light and Love

Came so we can understand,

Know You.

Thank You for giving Your Precious Son.

We remember, and we worship.

But, still.

In all the gatherings and holiday delights

Life can hurt.

I struggle to forgive.

Someone I love has been


Over and over and over.

When will this stop?


You call me to be still

To seek You in the silence

To know You’re near, in control.

I say I forgive, but

I still feel



A lack of love…

Yet because of Jesus’ blood,

I’m forgiven.

Light the darkness in my heart

Enable me to forgive.

Set me free, soften me

Over and over and over.

And my loved one?

Rush into the painful gap, the

Vulnerable hole

With Your all-encompassing Love.

Freedom. Healing. Wholeness.

Just as Jesus gave these gifts in Person

Grant this one so dear to me–


The same gifts this Christmas.

Thank You, Abba.

We remember JESUS.

Your precious Son, Light and Love

Through Him we’re forgiven and

Able to forgive.

In His Mighty name, Amen.


photo credit: Christmas gift via photopin (license)

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