Christ in you, the hope of glory. And we proclaim Him… (Col. 1:27-28)

Your relationship with God is a lifelong journey.
Be refreshed along the way by posts that teach your mind and touch your heart.

Savior. Friend. Lover of our souls. The one true God, existing eternally. Truly no one deserves to be written or spoken about more than Christ. WORTHY—He’s more than worthy to be exalted!

JESUS can meet the deepest longings of our hearts. Wherever we are on life’s journey, whatever we have or haven’t done, He desires intimacy with us. Isn’t that astoundingly amazing? You … and me. God is interested in relationship with us. So He sent His Son, who died on the cross, was buried, was raised, and appeared to many. By believing in the Lord Jesus, we’re saved from the penalty of sin. We’re “accepted in the beloved” (Eph. 1:6, KJV). JESUS is the way to our heavenly Father’s heart.

CHRIST loves you … yes, He tenderly loves you.

Join me in discovering more about how to live and love. On our own, we’re hopeless. But with Christ, life becomes a fulfilling experience marked by His love. All of us can be touched and changed by Him.