Speaking Topics

Every word on every page of the Bible comes from God’s heart and mind. I desire to communicate scriptural truths so we can know the Lord better and learn how to walk more completely in His ways.


  • Each individual session lasts 30-50 minutes.
  • If needed, every session is available on a stand-alone basis.
  • Discussion questions for each session are available upon request.
  • CONTACT EMILY to discuss speaking fees.




1. Prayer & Your Relationship with God

  • Session #1: Finding Hope
  • Session #2: Experiencing Joy
  • Session #3: Embracing Peace

Explore the prayers of biblical saints and be encouraged to grow closer to God by practicing prayer in similar ways. Anticipate God’s response to your heartfelt expressions, allowing Him to fill you with His hope, His joy, and His peace.


Take-away Point: Prayer is an intimate exchange that enhances a woman’s relationship with God.


2. Traits of a Godly Woman (Choose 3-4 from the list below.)

  • Session #1: She Loves Jesus
  • Session #2: She Possesses a Gentle & Quiet Spirit
  • Session #3: She Practices Kindness & Love
  • Session #4: She Prays
  • Session #5: She Knows & Shares God’s Word
  • Session #6: She Uses Wisdom
  • Session #7: She Practices Hospitality
  • Session #8: She Works with Excellence

In our crazy, messed up world, much confusion exists. Gain understanding about godly womanhood, and learn how to please God in the way you live. Cherish the beauty of God’s ways rather than the ways of the world.

Take-away Point: The Lord calls us to live a life that points others to Him.


3. God’s Healing Touch: Freedom from Unbelief, Shame, & Bitterness

  • Session #1: Martha, Who Struggled with Unbelief
  • Session #2: The Hemorrhaging Woman, Afflicted with Shame
  • Session #3: Naomi, Trapped in Bitterness

Embrace Jesus’ compassion and power as revealed in these biblical accounts of women set free. Search your heart and release your same issues to the Lord. Experience freedom in Christ, who lovingly extends grace and compassionately restores.

Take-away Point: Jesus Christ died to set us free so we can joyfully live the abundant life He came to give.


4. Encounters with the Living God

  • Session #1: The Faith-Filled Mother
  • Session #2: The Hope-Full Messenger
  • Session #3: The Be-Loved Sinner

Journey with Jesus and appreciate His dealings with three women of differing backgrounds. Ponder how He sought each one right where she was and witness His life-changing impact on each of their lives. Treasure the truth that He seeks and impacts us as well.

Take-away Point: Jesus Christ rewards our faith, gives us hope, and loves us despite our sinfulness. 


5. Reaching for Righteousness (Choose 3-4 from the list below.) 

  • What is Righteousness?
  • Righteousness in Our Hearts
  • Righteousness in Our Actions
  • Righteousness in Our Relationships
  • Righteousness in Our Decisions
  • Righteousness in Our Responses
  • Righteousness in Our Priorities
  • Righteousness in Our Convictions
  • Righteousness in Our Attitudes
  • Righteousness in Our Routines
  • Righteousness in Our Lives

Being a Christian isn’t easy in today’s society—sometimes we struggle to do what is right. Though our view can get clouded and our circumstances fluctuate, God’s standards remain sure. His way is always the best when it comes to matters of the heart or actions we must take. Contemplate the courage and obedience of Queen Esther, who pursued righteousness despite the odds. Learn from the past and gain spiritual insights about living in the present.

Take-away Point: Just as God used Esther in an extraordinary way, He can use us as we pursue righteousness in our daily lives.


HEART STIRRINGS will stir your ♥ toward JESUS while helping you know, love, and live God's Word.