FEATURED LINKS: Family Relationships, Writing Tips, Reaching Our Culture, & More

“Yes, brother, let me benefit from you in the Lord; refresh my heart in Christ.” Philemon 1:20, NASB

Dear Friends,

Relationships impact each one of our lives. In that light, this month’s links feature biblical insights for individuals, couples, parents, and writers. May these messages draw you closer to the Lord, enrich your relationships, and equip those of you who write. To God be the glory for His provision through the body of Christ.

In Christ’s Love,



REACH OUR CULTURE (Oh yes we can!)

Can God’s Light Shine on Social Media? by Jessica Brodie

HELP FOR WRITERS (Outstanding advice)

The View from the Pew by Denise Loock

INSPIRING INSIGHTS (I love Jackie! These podcasts encourage writers and parents)

Open Invitation: An Interview with Jackie Perry, LPCS – Part One by Ginny Detweiler, MA, LPC 

Heart Cries of Every Teen: An Interview with Jackie Perry, LPCS – Part Two by Ginny Detweiler, MA, LPC


Everything by Holly Boone

MARRIAGE (Some wise words)

God’s Plan for Sex and Marriage – a video message by Greg Laurie

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HEART STIRRINGS will stir your ♥ toward JESUS while helping you know, love, and live God's Word.



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