Edie Melson shines the love of Christ, and she expresses her heart for people in many ways. I don’t know her well, but she has impressed me through our brief interactions and my observations over the past 10+ years. God’s activity in Edie’s life inspires me.

At one of my first Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conferences, Edie assisted Alton Gansky, the former director. In the midst of her busy schedule, Edie graciously offered to look at my book proposal outside of the normal appointment times. I still can visualize standing with her in one of the building’s open spaces, discussing my material. Her willingness to provide input encouraged me in itself, but her feedback also prompted me to query an acquisitions editor upon my return home.

I also possess a favorite memory of Edie. During a morning group session, she sat toward the front with her laptop in use. Alton Gansky referred to Edie in his remarks, mentioning she was engaged at that moment in leading someone to Christ. I’ve never forgotten. With all of her conference responsibilities and all of the people surrounding her, Edie made time to fulfill the most important call of all: sharing the Gospel and helping someone understand how to be saved.

Edie encouraged me recently when she referenced the writer’s journey. This simple truth helps me appreciate where God started me as a writer to where He’s brought me. Though I have a long way to go, Edie’s words of wisdom enable me to enjoy the present while seeking the future. Her comment resonated with me, strengthening me to continue one step at a time because a writer’s career involves a process.

It’s been my privilege to sit under Edie Melson’s leadership at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. God has blessed her with a gracious and humble attitude, which ministers to all. He’s also invested many talents and gifts in her, and I believe she desires to use her abilities to build the Lord’s kingdom—not her own.

Please join me in welcoming Edie Melson, author, blogger, speaker, and a Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Director, to Writers Connect.

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Edie, when and how did you come to know the Lord as your Savior?

Edie Melson: I was 11 and asked Jesus to become Lord of my life one night while laying in my grandmother’s bed.

What is your primary role in the writing community, and how did you achieve this position?

Edie Melson: I’ve always loved encouraging others. In the beginning of my writing career that took the form of being a part of a writers group and a small critique group. Eventually I started my blog, The Write Conversation, and began sharing things that could help other writers—from craft and publishing to social media and marketing.

At the heart, I’m an author and blogger. I believe my primary gift is helping others connect with God’s plan for their own writing. I love to encourage, teach, and share my own story with others.

How has God used you and your skills in the writing realm to strengthen His kingdom?

Edie Melson: I think He’s used the words I write to help individuals. He’s also using me now, as one of the two Directors of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, God is using me to encourage hundreds of writers. It’s an awesome thing to get to watch how God works to change the world one writer at a time.

What are your dreams and goals for 2018?

Edie Melson: My dreams are to see my books become more widely read. My goal is to get another social media, blogging and branding book written and published with my co-author and co-director, DiAnn Mills.

How can we pray for you?

Edie Melson: Anytime we’re about the Lord’s work, the enemy is waiting in ambush. That’s certainly the case in the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers conference and in my personal life as I work on two book releases this spring and summer. Please pray against attack.

Thank you, Edie, for joining us on Writers Connect. It’s been an honor to interview you, and please be assured of my prayers. May the Lord bless your writing, speaking, and leadership roles, and may He encourage you with the fruit of your labors.

To my readers ~ Please remember Edie in your prayers as she has requested. And if you’re interested in connecting with her further, please see the links below.

In Christ’s Love,



Find your voice, live your story…is the foundation of Edie Melson’s message, no matter if she’s addressing parents, military families, readers of fiction or writers. As an author, blogger, and speaker she’s encouraged and challenged audiences across the country and around the world. Connect with her on her website, through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Find her books on Amazon.com.
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  1. Thanks for this interview with Edie. I read her The Write Conversation every morning and am always inspired and encouraged by what she and her fellow writers tell me. It was very nice to learn a little more about her.

    1. Dear Jackie,

      You’re very welcome! Thank you for reading this post and commenting. I’m so glad you enjoyed learning more about Edie Melson – I did, too! I look forward to connecting with you again.

      In Christ’s Love,

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