Ministry Update: The Journey Continues

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Dear Readers,

Matt. 5-7 Meme

This morning I was struck by the thought that when we extend mercy, it breathes hope into hardened places. This has been so true in my life. As I’ve struggled with various sins and failed time and again, God’s mercy whispers in the dark, showing compassion. Before I know it, the Lord picks me up and encourages me to take another step. Because wherever we are, whatever life looks like at the moment, we just need to take one step toward the Lord.

God’s heart holds depths of mercy.

We deserve death, yet in Christ we gain eternal life.

Dear one, do you need mercy today? Or does someone need your mercy? I’m trusting God has a special purpose for these thoughts…

Now, I’d love to share what the Lord’s been doing since my last update:

  • My fundraiser went live this past Sunday! I’m trusting God will provide everything needed to get Reaching for Righteousness, Spanish Edition into women’s hands. Please prayerfully consider whether the Lord would have you help this project financially. Also, I’d love for you to share my fundraiser page on Facebook and Twitter so others can join the effort. Of course, your prayers are most important, and I thank you for every single one. Together, we can share Christ with those who hunger for more of Him.

  • I’ve been asked to speak to a MOMS group on September 17. Lord willing, I’ll teach from Exodus 2 about Jochebed and Moses, “Trusting God with Your Child’s Future.” Please keep me in your prayers–may God produce much spiritual fruit as we study His Word.
  • I received positive feedback from a publisher, who liked my devotional proposal but considered it more of a Bible study. For that reason, the editor kindly forwarded my material to another publisher. If they’re interested, they’ll contact me.
  • My prayers for an agent continue, and I’m thankful for some recent interaction with a couple of them.
  • Another Bible request came my way, which thrills me! I love mailing Bibles to those who want one of their own.
  • Please join me in praying my blog subscriptions will increase, as I’d love to share God’s Word with more and more women. Please invite your friends to subscribe, too. Many thanks!
  • I began my new blog series, Discovering God’s Names, which I pray will grow our appreciation of God.
  • God is giving me a newfound joy in Proclaiming Him to Women Ministries. He’s opening my eyes to see ministry opportunities as His will for me, and I’m experiencing such freedom in this perspective. God is so kind.

I so value your interest in this ministry. Thank you, thank you, and to God be all the glory.

In Christ’s Love,


2 thoughts on “Ministry Update: The Journey Continues

  1. Emily, it’s so good to hear the enthusiasm back on your site. I felt like you were really discouraged, so I’m so glad things are moving in the direction that you have so desired. Keep your eye on the prize!

    Love to you,

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