2 thoughts on “VLOG – Just the Way He’s Made Us

  1. Dear Emily,
    Thanks for this very important message. Right now, I feel so inadequate and I needed to hear that God wants to use me just the way I am. I received terrible news yesterday that very dear friends just separated. Today I heard news that someone very close to me has a dreaded illness that is very contageous and could have severe complications. I want to help in both cases, but feel powerless to make much of a difference. Jesus is the one who can make the difference and if He wants to use me, He will show me how. I will trust Him to use me as He chooses. Sylvia

    1. Dear Sylvia,

      I am so glad our Father used this message to encourage you. You are such a beautiful testimony for the Lord and I know He will indeed use you as He wills in the situations you mentioned. Even your faithful prayers for those loved ones will accomplish much. Much love in Christ, Emily

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