Edie Melson shines the love of Christ, and she expresses her heart for people in many ways. I don’t know her well, but she has impressed me through our brief interactions and my observations over the past 10+ years. God’s activity in Edie’s life inspires me. At one of my first Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conferences, […]


Blythe Daniel remembers my name. I always admire people with this skill because many don’t possess it—including myself. She recalls who you are, which counts as a huge plus in the world of Christian writing. It’s easy to feel unnoticed or even invisible in this industry, but with Blythe, you feel as if you made a […]

WRITERS CONNECT: Tamela Hancock Murray

It was a discouraging afternoon at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. After my hopes were deflated at a faculty appointment, I headed to dinner just wanting to make a friend. I sat at Tamela Hancock Murray’s table with that intention. I didn’t plan to pitch my manuscript or promote my material in any […]

WRITERS CONNECT: An Interview with Andrea Merrell

A few years ago at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, Andrea Merrell and I sat at the same table for lunch. I shared that I subscribed to The Write Editing, a blog she and Alycia Morales created. Andrea responded with pleasant appreciation, which still speaks to me today. Also, she encouraged me to […]

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