This past May, I was privileged to meet Cynthia Ruchti at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. After attending one of her classes, meeting with her one-on-one, and interacting at conference gatherings, I’m convinced Cynthia is a lovely lady with a heart for the Lord. It’s my pleasure to introduce her to you. Please […]


Bethany Jett strikes me as a good-hearted, kind person with a fun personality. She brightens the atmosphere with her sparkling eyes and ready smile. All of this—plus her love for Jesus as well as her success in the writing industry—increases my interest in getting to know her. Please join me in welcoming Bethany Jett, award-winning […]


Edie Melson shines the love of Christ, and she expresses her heart for people in many ways. I don’t know her well, but she has impressed me through our brief interactions and my observations over the past 10+ years. God’s activity in Edie’s life inspires me. At one of my first Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conferences, […]


Blythe Daniel remembers my name. I always admire people with this skill because many don’t possess it—including myself. She recalls who you are, which counts as a huge plus in the world of Christian writing. It’s easy to feel unnoticed or even invisible in this industry, but with Blythe, you feel as if you made a […]

WRITERS CONNECT: Tamela Hancock Murray

It was a discouraging afternoon at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. After my hopes were deflated at a faculty appointment, I headed to dinner just wanting to make a friend. I sat at Tamela Hancock Murray’s table with that intention. I didn’t plan to pitch my manuscript or promote my material in any […]

WRITERS CONNECT: An Interview with Andrea Merrell

A few years ago at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, Andrea Merrell and I sat at the same table for lunch. I shared that I subscribed to The Write Editing, a blog she and Alycia Morales created. Andrea responded with pleasant appreciation, which still speaks to me today. Also, she encouraged me to […]

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