Wardrobe Alert! What Are We Wearing?

“Being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus.” Romans 3:24, NASB My daughter and I faced each other in my office, a porch filled with light. Discussing a lesson from my Bible study manuscript, we started to talk about justification. She didn’t know its meaning, and in […]

Drawing Near: Days Rush By

Loving Father,   Days rush by. Moments of joy and sorrow mingle together. I’m trying always to finish the here and now, the upcoming. Yet sometimes I wonder: Am I wasting my life? Am I doing what truly matters? In Your eyes? In those fleeting moments when eternal questions cross my mind, I focus. Just […]

Needing … and Knowing

  “Lord, I need You.” Four words. So true. Hugely significant. God gently inspired this prayer during dawn’s creeping hours. While I’ve prayed it before, somehow the meaning impacted me more profoundly today. As I sleeplessly tossed and turned, praying, “Lord, I trust You,” additional words suddenly formed another prayer: “Lord, I need You.”¬†Oh, how […]

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